Tulum is a breathtaking piece of paradise that sits at the South end of the Rivera Maya.  Tulum is home to the spectacular Tulum Ruins as well as neighboring archaeological sites such as Coba and Muyil.  Visitors travel from all over the world to see the stunning Mayan fortress perched high atop a cliff overlooking the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea and to explore the jungles and cenotes surrounding the area.

The Tulum coast is known to have some of the most spectacular beaches to be found anywhere on earth.  The crystalline white powder sands stay cool under the warm Mexican sun, contrasting beautifully with the ranging hues of the sea that can only be described as Caribbean Blue.

The beaches of Tulum boast an amazing array of eco-chic high amenity hotels, rustic beach front cabanas and charming jungle side boutiques as well as restaurants that will entice and please any palate.

Inland, the jungle and cenotes of Tulum are special treasures that continue to impress the thousands of visitors that come here every year. As this small Mayan town has grown and evolved over the past decade, visitors from all over Mexico and the world are starting to make Tulum their home.

As Tulum has grown over the past several years – a wide array of shops and services and started to open. Through these pages, you will find many restaurants, hotels, shops, personal services, city services and auto services- ready and waiting to make your time in Tulum- weather it be days or years- as pleasant as possible.

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