Tulum, known for its incredible beaches and clear blue water, has so many things to offer such as ancient Mayan ruins, breathtaking cenotes and nearby colonial towns.

Beaches: Tulum beaches are knows as some of the best in the world. With long stretches of powder soft sand, calm lapping waves of incredible blue water and spotted with incredible restaurants and bars. You can enjoy any of the amazing beach clubs – stacked with cozy beach beds and palapa umbrellas, often times for a minimum consumption- and who would not want to grab some guacamole and a margarita on the beach anyway?!?!

Ruins: Ancient Mayan ruins can be found all over the Mexican Caribbean. Some of the most popular ruin sites in and around Tulum are Tulum (obviously), Coba, Muyil and Ek Balam. A little further away in the state of Yucatan, you will also find Chich Itza, 1 of the 7 wonders of the world, and Ikil ruin sites- just to name a few. Each site is different and shows a magical glimps into the world of the Post-Classic Mayan civilization.

Cenotes: These incredible sink holes of fresh water can be found all over the Yucatan peninsula. The ground of this area is made up of limestone, a very porous rock. During the last Ice age, water would slowly drip into the large open caverns under the jungle floor creating amazing stalactites and stalagmite formations throughout the belly of the earth. Once the ice all melted, it flooded these caverns and created cenotes as we know them today. These under ground rivers all connect into a web of over 400 km of intersecting water joy. Follow this link for more details about the different types of cenotes,

Water sports: Scuba diving – Snorkeling Fishing & Kite-surfing: Scuba diving in Tulum is one of the treasured past times of the area. People from all over the world flood to Tulum to dive the 2nd largest off shore reef in the world after the Great Barrier in Australia. Or dive one the amazing cenotes and see the inside of the Earth as you have never seen it before. Want to keep your self a little closer to the surface or even on top of it? Snorkeling and kite surfing are just as popular in Tulum. You can find several dive shops, tour companies and schools all over the Tulum area where you can try your hand at these amazing water sports. Fishing tours are also a great way to enjoy the sea and fill your belly at the same time. It will not take long to realize why Tulum has some of the best seafood in Mexico. Follow THIS LINK to find out more great ways to enjoy the waters of Tulum.

Photo courtesy of La Zebra Tulum

While you are in Tulum, day trips and quick trips are a wonderful way to see more of the beautiful area and all the treasures that it holds.  Through out the Yucatan peninsula and stretching towards  central America, this beautiful area offers a ton of amazing things to see, from the Route de Puuc, Baccalar, Villadolid, Coba, Sian Ka’an, Merida and Campeche to name just a few. Please follow THIS LINK to read more about the amazing ruins and colonial towns in the area.