Getting to Tulum from the Cancun International Airport (about 70mi) is quite simple .  There are a number of different options depending on your budget, time constraints and personal needs.

Rental Car: Renting a car and driving to Tulum is an easy and popular options. You will find may popular rental car companies online and in the terminal at the airport. Renting online and in advance is recommended for obvious reasons such as ease, price and availability. There are a few things to know about renting a car and driving to Tulum. Please follow this link for more details on do’s and don’t of renting a car, insurance and safety when driving to Tulum.

Transfer Company: If you do not rent a car, the easiest and fastest way to get to Tulum is via a private transfer.  There are a number of shared van transfer options as well. There are a number of great transfer companies that we know and have worked with.  Picking a good transfer company can be tricky, as they are not all created equal.  Some are not very good about being on time or in the right place.  Others can be little shady and can rip off unsuspecting tourists advertising really good deals but when the ride is actually complete, there is some sort of change or small print.  We are happy to arrange a transfer for you if you wish.  We have worked with several companies and have picked the ones that are repeatedly on time and offer consistent, quality service and prices.

Taxi: Taxis, of course, are always available, but they are the most expensive way to get to Tulum.  Some will charge as much as $200 usd! It is important to confirm the price of a taxi before you leave the airport and can save you a lot of headaches.

ADO Bus: Though it maybe the most time consuming way, you can always take the bus.  There are a few ADO buses that go directly to Tulum, but most have a stop halfway in Playa del Carmen.  This is the most cost effective way to go.  They are very comfortable, clean and safe. You will find ticket offices as you exit the terminal as well as next to the bus pick up point.


Bikes and Motos: Tulum and the surrounding areas have a very flat terrain. Once you arrive, you will see that many of the cities residence and visitors get around via bicycle and mopeds. You will find many rental companies that offer bikes and mopeds during your stay. There are bike paths for getting to the ruins and back and forth to the beach road and town. On the main roads, it is important to be aware of cars and other vehicles. And please- do not use the sidewalks as a bike path It is really annoying. It is important to be aware that the roads get very dark in the evenings so having a light or a headlamp is a very good idea if you plan on biking in the evening.

Taxis: Taxis are the main way to get around Tulum.   They are cheap, easy and everywhere.  There is a published rate sheet that will give the cost of various trips. You may ask to see this sheet from the driver and in many places it is posted such as at ADO, Chadraui super market and the Ruins.  Always ask the driver how much a ride will cost before you get in. You can catch a taxi almost everywhere very easily.  At night on the beach road however it can get harder.  Late at night on the beach road is very difficult.  You can call for a taxi which will usually cost you ten pesos more and they will give you the taxi number to wait for.  Late night on the beach you may need to call as it becomes quiet and most of the action and taxis are in the town.  Wait for the taxi!  It is really not fair to call for a taxi and then catch a ride with a different one.  And in some cases if a hotel or restaurant calls for you they will have to pay for the ride and that is really not cool.

Colectivos (white mini vans) are also a great way to get way to get around the Rivera Maya.  There now is one that goes from the town to the hotel zone or “the right side of the beach”.  I will post a time schedule for this soon.  This will cost you ten pesos, just tell the the driver where to stop and pay when you get off (there is also a bus that runs the same rout a couple times a day for seven pesos).  Other colectivos run between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which are about forty-five pesos.  And others to Carillo Puerto to the south and Coba to the west.