Where to stay in Tulum is a personal choice and there are as many options to choose from as there are people to fill them.

HOTELS: Beach hotels-Hotels on Tulum’s beach road have adapted over the past decade to the more discerning traveler with high end amenities becoming the norm. Prices for these hotels can range greatly depending on the time of year and the type and location of your room. The average is about $350-$550 during the regular high season (apx. Jan-May) During low season prices get much lower averaging $150-$300 per night (apx. May- Nov). Come December the prices do increase a great deal. This is the busiest time of year here and some hotels on Tulum beach can be very expensive. They also fill up very early so contacting early is always a good idea. Town Hotels-Hotels in Tulum town have also begun catering to those who are after a more refined experience then the laid back cabanas of the past that made Tulum such a popular destination for travelers and backpackers. Hotels in all prices and styles can be found along the main avenue of the town and stretch far into the side streets that have continued to spread as the town has grown. These hotels offer much lower prices then there beach side counterparts and have easy access to many of the other wonderful things that Tulum has to offer. Follow THIS LINK for more details about Tulum hotels.

HOSTELS- Hostels in Tulum are always a popular option for budget travelers as well as back packers and range in both price and style. With hostels on Tulum beach as well hostels in Tulum town, there is something for everyone in every price point. The hostels in Tulum town are more popular with travelers then the ones on the beach due to their proximity to the local music scene as well as great Tulum Restaurants. The cost of just about everything is less in Tulum town which is another big draw for travelers. There are colectivos that go down to the beach that are very inexpensive. Many hostels also have a shuttle to the beach 1 or 2 times a day. Follow THIS LINK for more details about Tulum hostels.

Photo courtesy of Mahayana Beach Homes

HOUSES & VILLAS: To rent a house on Tulum beach or in Tulum town is a wonderful option and can offer a change from the traditional hotel experience. There are houses on Tulum Beach that range from 1-2 bedroom bungalow style houses to 3-6 bedroom houses with all the amenities. There are even a few locations where several houses can be rented together giving a large group the benefit of all staying together while still offering a private getaway for each smaller group. The houses and condos for rent in Tulum town are usually much less expensive the their beach counterparts for obvious reasons. These can be perfect for budget travel as well as longer term rentals. When you are traveling with several families or with a group a friends a rental house in Tulum might be perfect for you. Follow THIS LINK for more details about houses in Tulum.

CAMPING AND GLAMPING: Campgrounds on Tulum beach are becoming harder and harder to find as property values have increased and more and more high end hotels and restaurants are taking over the land. You can still find a few of these amazing locations on the beach road and some in town as well. Glamping is also something that has taken off in the past few years as many people love the rustic camp experience but also love the space a little “done up Tulum style” and already set up upon arrival. Which every style is for you, you are sure to find something that you love in Tulum. Follow THIS LINK for more details about Tulum camping and Gamping